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Monday, December 6, 2010

A few more states completed, still no fast internet to upload video...

Currently I am in Minneapolis Minnesota, using my phone to type up everything. The only internet access I have really had over the past couple weeks has been from my phone... and while that's pretty fast, its still not fast enough to upload any long videos.

Right after I jumped in Montana I headed down to Buffalo Wyoming, where I Hung out for a week in sub zero temperatures with a super cool group of couch surfers. They took me amongst their group for everything, including a thanksgiving feast that would make any king jealous! After a week though, i had to move on to South Dakota to go find a pilot...

Last Sunday, I was able to hire a guy (Colin Potter) to fly me from Hot Springs, South Dakota over to Newcastle Wyoming for a skydive. It went very well, even though it was only about 20 degrees on the ground along with a foot of snow... and on the flight back to Hot Springs SD I jumped out again, taking care of those two states.

Shortly after that I drove over to Sioux Falls, SD, where I crashed with more couch surfers for a night before heading down to Lincoln, NE. A few days of hanging out there later, I got in touch with one of the main dudes at the Lincoln Sport Parachute Club out in Weeping Water and we set up a skydive. A couch surfer that I had met in Omaha happened to be doing a class project where she had to video interview somebody doing something interesting, and she chose to follow my story :) Lindsey, the couch surfer, got to ride along in the plane and record my lame attempt at a bat hang from the Cessna wing, before I let go and was chased by Chuck. I think my video blog of Nebraska will simply be her interview project cause it should be pretty interesting!

After one more night in Nebraska after the jump, Lindsey and I went to a huge couch surfing party in Omaha and made a lot of new very very well traveled friends, and then I moved on to Minneapolis! It sounds like, however, one of those couch surfers might just be coming up here to hang out and join me for a few days of my adventure :)

Let's hope the weather up here clears up soon and that I can take out a couple more states before I fly back to California on the 17th!