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Monday, August 30, 2010

Leaving Alaska today

Well it has been an incredible 10 days here in Alaska, and it is time to head home. I've collected a ton of different videos throughout the trip but that means I have to edit them all together in a way that you, all 6 people that might read this, should care to watch. My official "Alaska: State #22" update will be up some time in the next few days folks!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Successful state #21 = Nevada!

Here we are folks... the first official video for this blog! I had a blast visiting Vegas (who wouldn't???) for a couple of days and getting to jump over Mesquite.

You can see from the video that I pretty much suck at trying to sit-fly, but that's only my 5th attempt or so out of an actual plane (I can sit in a wind tunnel pretty well, but when I'm up in the sky my brain forgets how to fly!).

A big thanks to Morris Workman for covering my story out in Nevada and getting some great pictures! Check out his story at the link below, then enjoy the video!

Mesquite Local News

A couple of sponsors

A huge thanks to a couple of dropzones that have helped me along the way... Both are dropzones I would HIGHLY recommend going to, whether you have 0 jumps or 10,000. Check out their websites!
Be sure to go to skydive Moab. There is another dropzone at that same airport that is under a different name... I don't know much about them, but I know the one I went to rocked!
Skydive Mesquite is about an hour from Vegas... It's the only fun-jumper friendly DZ anywhere near Vegas, and totally worth the short drive!

If you're ever around those areas, be sure to tell them "that one 50 state jumper guy" sent you! :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Picture from Washington

Thanks Doug! He grabbed this off of the video he took... nobody had a still camera on the jump so a screenshot from the video is all we get. When he uploads the full video, I'll link to that!

As usual, I'm the one with the gray jumpsuit on the right with the red and black rig.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going to skydive Nevada soon

In one week from today I'll be on my way down to Nevada to hopefully get that state taken care of! Last time I drove through Nevada, the temperatures were too high (110°) by 10am and we couldn't jump, but hopefully this time things are a bit different. It's going to be a small dropzone about 1 hour NE of Vegas, in the little town of Mesquite.

The scenery out there is absolutely stunning, if you like lots of dirt. Plenty of mountains to view, but I really won't know of anything too awesome until I'm up in the air and flying around!

Here is an image of the airport and some of Mesquite in the background!

A video blog, pictures and video of the jump will be posted to share the experience with you all :) I'm still open for anybody to send me something personal of theirs for me to jump with! I just ask that you cover my jump ticket, and the price of the video/stills ($50). Of course, the donate button at the top of the page is where you do that... leave a note with your phone number and I'll call you ASAP!