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Monday, February 6, 2012

Life in Bangkok

Hello world! I left for Bangkok about 6 months ago and haven't exactly kept my blog up to date. I still VERY much intend on finishing all 50 states as soon as I return to the US in December (will have to wait to summer to jump the northern states though), and should have them all complete by mid 2013, before my 26th birthday.

I came to Thailand with my girlfriend with the plan to teach English for 1 year and live a fantastic life on a gorgeous beach with an abundance of money from all the stories that we had heard... reality, however, is much different.

We arrived August 17th after 36 hours of traveling, on the island of Phuket. Our first month was spent in intense humidity, incredible rain storms, a small brief flood, gallons of sweat, overly-confusing TEFL learning, a small motorbike accident and a somewhat beautiful apartment in the touristic town of Patong. After learning more about the reality of the situation on the beautiful, yet mostly ghetto island (unless you're already rich) we decided to head to Bangkok in search of better prospects...

Long story short, we spent the first 4 months in very cheap, dirty, uncomfortable conditions getting our job situations established and figuring out the city. Now we are in a fantastic apartment, 27 stories up right on the edge of the heart of the city, just a 10 minute sky-train ride from the dead center. I got lucky and found a job teaching swim lessons at a very high-end swim school, and Sarah got a great job at a university teaching English.

Bangkok is still very hot, uncomfortable, filthy and dangerous, but I am feeling a lot more comfortable with how it all works and now starting to have some good adventures... next post will be about the coolest adventure to date! Meanwhile, enjoy some sweet pics from our trip so far!