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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Road trip ended a bit early...

Well that was an interesting few weeks! I got to jump in 2 new states... not as much as I was going for, but I came back to Colorado for a very good reason and it made the 3,500 miles worth just 2 states.

The first jump in Minnesota went very well and a huge thanks goes out to West Side Skydivers for making sure I was able to get my reserve repacked in time to make one jump on a day that they did not have any other skydivers out there for! (The weather wasn't good at all...)

I then went up to North Dakota for about a week trying to get a pilot to take me for a skydive because the only drop zone in North Dakota happened to be flooded while I was there! Long long story short, I wasn't able to find anybody that could take me :( So, I left for Wisconsin, jumped in the early evening then took off for Indiana right after. That was a really fun hybrid that didn't work out very well but it was still a blast!

After spending a day with some family members in Indiana, I decided to head back to Colorado for a while before I leave to visit more family in California. So here I am, all packed up with everything I own in my car, bound to be living on the road until I am moving to Thailand in August. Look for more updates soon! I will get the video blog up for this trip as soon as I'm done editing it...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Road trip #3 begins tomorrow!

Well, this is a bit of a surprise, but I'm leaving tomorrow to start road trip #3. I have to be back in Denver for a train ride to California by the 28th, so I don't have much time at all. I HOPE to be able to make all of the states on this map (Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky) but depending on the weather and time constraints, I might have to skip the last dropzone that would cover Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.

Any and all couches are appreciated! The offer still stands for anybody willing to sponsor me a bit to do something personal for you and cover it on my video blogs :)

Here is the map: