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Sunday, May 6, 2012

If only I could be home

It's been about 9 months now here in the land of Thais. 9 whole months... I really thought a year would go by much faster, but it feels like I've been here for 2 years already. After my parents left, it was only a short while till it was time for Sarah to do the same. I just tried to describe what it was like on the train ride to the airport to see her off but I couldn't get anything that made sense out. It was hard... very hard. Our goodbye at the airport was all too brief and we had her last meal in Thailand together before she had to pass through security. It was hard to keep our eyes dry knowing we wouldn't get to see each other for so long. As we walked up to the security line, we had a very quick hug and kiss (to avoid looking like a hilariously sappy sobbing mess in front of everyone) before I turned around and walked myself down to the train. I couldn't turn back to look at her... I had tears welling up in my eyes that were on the verge of bursting into a mini Niagara Falls. The whole train ride back and walk to the empty apartment were no different and I don't think I've ever experienced a feeling of loneliness so deep before. I don't really have any friends here. Nobody to call to hang out with and occupy my mind or anything. It's only been a week since she has left and I already can't wait to go home! The internet is terrible here, so I don't exactly have easy access to clear skype calls and we are reduced to high latency text messages throughout the day. It really sucks. Fortunately, someone that I had met skydiving a couple years ago was going to be in Bangkok for 2 days so he called me up and we hung out. I took them to Chatuchak and MBK for some cheap shopping and then we went to tour the Grand Palace! It was actually quite grand and we took a lot of cool pictures that are on his camera (I'll put them up when I get them eventually). In fact, we just had dinner together and said goodbye as he and his girlfriend are catching a plane back home tomorrow. BUT! Somehow, another skydiver friend (more friends with Sarah, but we've met a couple times in Denver) is arriving late tonight so I will have more friends for another couple days! I'll write up a new post after they leave and post pics of everything that's been happening :) In the meantime, check out this sweet 360 day/night panorama I made using a TON of pix I took from my rooftop!

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