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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Long time no post!

Wow it has definitely been a long time since I've put anything up on here! Life has had some crazy turns in the past months and now here I am in sunny California. How about a quick summary of the past 7 months??

Flew back to America with the happiest feelings inside that anybody could imagine. Moved back in with my parents due to breaking up with Sarah... no hard feelings there, things just didn't work out. Saving up $$ to not be the 25 year old living in his parents house while working hard at a new awesome job. Got $$ saved, now bought a house with brother (Steven). Moving to Dublin into the shiny new house in about 3 weeks, life is on track!

Pow, you're up to date!

It's been GREAT getting back to the dropzone and seeing all my old skydiver buddies... things have changed in some ways and are still the same in others. Byron is still full of friendly people doing incredible things and setting the bar for talent in the sky! I look up to the people there with the highest regard and I really hope to be as skilled as they are one day. On the other hand there are tons of new people that I haven't met! I feel like one of them as they're all pushing jumps around the same numbers as I am and we're in the same boat but I started a few years before them. It's cool to feel like a student again though and I really enjoy learning new things in the sky :)

I am preparing myself for a few week long venture in July-ish that will take me to the remaining 18 mainland states. I'll probably only update once before then but I will do what I can to become an awesome video blogger again during that trip! Meanwhile, here's a picture of me falling from the sky.

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